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Автор: Канарёв Ф.М.   
10.06.2016 20:37

Jack Kuykendall rewrite using Symmetry Math and SI Units

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Announcement.In 1900, a German scientist, Max Planck, developed a constant know by his name.  It was defined as a “quantum of least action”.   The leading  scientists of that time started developing theories which were labeled quantum physics and chemistry.  Unfortunately, these scientistsdid not understand the physical meaning of Planck’s constant.  In 2015, Professor Kanarev provided a logical theory for Planck’s constant.

CONCLUSION: Planck's constant was introduced in Germany in 1900.  Its meaning was released to the world by Professor Kanarev one hundred and fifteen year later in 2015. Kanarev’s discoveries have allowed answers to more than 2500 scientific issues on the formation of mass and the motion of mass.  Unfortunately, the scientific community in Russia and the rest of the world rarely if ever change from accepted illogical paradigms.  The human brain is built around keeping the current paradigms.  It is unfortunate, but peer review and fact resistant brains control the scientific agenda.   Perhaps someday, this brilliant work will receive the recognition it deserves. 06.06.2016. Jack Kuykendall     Takeup

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