Автор: Канарёв Ф.М.   
20.05.2015 05:00

by Ph.M. Kanarev

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Announcement. This is brief information concerning the monograph and the textbooks being prepared by Professor Ph.M. Kanarev for a publication and being ignored by the academicians of the Russian Academy of Sciences, which help the Russian authorities to foster moronity of schoolchildren, students, postgraduates and young scientists, which are our future. There is no end to a mutual criminal behaviour of the Russian scientific and educational authority and the rectors of all universities of Russia. A cause is simple: it is overall poverty of scientific intellect, which is transferred from a stereotyped scientific thinking phase into a moronic scientific thinking phase.


I had not the faintest idea concerning a force, which made me think about an impropriety of the Lorentz transformation results when I was the first year student of the Department of Physics of the Leningrad State University and impelled to stop a process of filling my memory with false physical information by means of quitting the university after a successful completion of the first course in the year of 1956.

Nevertheless, I am grateful to everybody who taught me at the Leningrad State University at that golden sacred moral time, which makes me hope that the scientists and the teaching body of my dear former Leningrad State University will be the first to stop a process of turning its students into moronic persons.    Take up

Ph.M.K. April 30, 2015