Автор: Канарёв Ф.М.   
14.06.2015 07:23

Ph.M. Kanarev

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Announcement. It is astonishing that all scientists of exact sciences fail to know the elements of a scientific search. They are based on two fundamental principles. The first principle: it is not wise to begin the scientific search having failed to find its beginning and having not checked authenticity of the scientific results being obtained by various scientists and being brought to the point, from which a scientist is going to continue his scientific search. The second principle: the scientific axioms and the scientific postulates as the scientific authenticity criteria are unique. In reality, there exist no two oppositely formulated scientific axioms, which prove authenticity of one and the same theoretical or experimental result. There are no two scientific postulates with the opposite physical sense, which prove authenticity of one and the same experimental scientific result. They are the elements of the scientific result authenticity estimation. As the scientific and educational history has shown, these elements are familiar to none of the academicians not only of Russia, but the rest countries of the world.


Histories of science and education prove that there are no elderly scientists who can master new fundamental scientific knowledge, which is similar to new interdisciplinary fundamental knowledge. I fill sorry for my contemporaries of fundamental sciences. They are the carriers of not only the outdated knowledge, but the erroneous fundamental knowledge, which has banned their way to a great scientific success.

The longer the Russian authority will postpone a cessation of the process of the intellectual endarkenment of the Russian young people, the more disreputable will be its historical rating.    take up

June 6, 2015. Ph.M.K.