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24.06.2015 21:52

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Announcement. The modern scientific and educational problems were formed during many centuries and remained unnoticed till a lot of scientific contradictions were accumulated in the fundamental sciences; they banned an understanding of physical essence of the interdisciplinary scientific bonds and hampered the formation of common scientific thinking of several generations of scientists.


Dear visitors of our personal scientific site

I understand your good judgment and I agree with you that there is no authority in Russia at present being capable of the above-mentioned historical scientific act of bravery. As a result, nobody knows when endarkenment of our children is stopped. More than 70 per cent of erroneous knowledge on the main educational fundamental disciplines (physics and chemistry) are put into the heads of the schoolchildren and the students. The Russian authority is in a scientific educational intellectual deadlock now; it does not know how to get away from this deadlock. It had information concerning the Russian scientist who being a student of the physics department of the Leningrad State University started to find this way out in the year of 1956. Now he outpaces all scientists in this difficult scientific search and has done everything in order that duration of his life will not affect mastering of his new scientific results.

It made the Russian authority to start financing of his experimental scientific investigations in the year of 2010. In a year, the author tested the first pulse electric motor-generator and proved erroneousness of the law of conservation of energy, which lies in the incorrect energy pulse consumption registration by the electric power meters. When the authority understood authenticity of this scientific result, it stopped financing of these investigations immediately without a disclosure of its source to the author. Up to now, the authority fails to understand that by its thoughtless activity it has deprived the author of the new theory of microworld of the moral (sacred) right to receive any encouragement from it; because it will be estimated by his followers as a compromise dishonoring the scientific eternities being discovered by him. Let us feel sorry for it. Good-bye!

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