Автор: Канарёв Ф.М.   
20.09.2015 19:30

Jack Kuykendall’s English Translation and rewrite


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Since the early 1900s when quantum theory and Einstein’s relativity were accepted as logical science, science has been on an illogical path.  The only criterion that was used to verify these theories were the paradigms of the leading scientist of the time.  There were no criteria established to allow a logical paradigm for the correct interpretation of experiments.


The new axiomatics of exact sciencesequips researchers with new criteria to evaluate the credibility of any theories.  The most most important axioms are; absolute space and time, space, matter and time are inseparable. The Unity-Axiom describes space, matter and time.

Equations that describe the behavior of photons are divided into two groups; particles and waves.  Photons have been experimentally shown to be particles.  The center of mass of the photon particle, however, moves like a wave.  Photons as particles that obey the Unity-Axiom.  Photons describe as waves do not obey the Unity-Axiom.

Photon equations used to describe them as particles provide accurate answers.  Photon equations that describe them as waves provide on statistical information and in some cases incorrect answers.  The particle and wave theories are explained correctly with Kanarev’s theories.

The equation calculating the Einstein photoelectric effect is equivalent to Kanarev’s equation for calculating the spectra of atoms and ions.

Conservation equations of the kinetic moment and angular momentum are the main equations that describe the material world.

Kanarev’s new theories on the elementary particles (photons, electrons, protons and neutrons) accurately describe their behaviors.

Kanarev’s new theories should replace the illogical and incorrect theories of modern academia.

The way to use new scientific information has been opened. Everyone who studies Kanarev’s theories will understand physics and chemistry and will be the leading scientists of the future. K.F.M. 20.09.2015.  Take up