The Foundation Of Phischemistry Of Micro World (10th edition) Печать
Автор: Канарёв Ф.М.   
03.04.2011 12:32

The new axiomatic of natural sciences is given in the book; on its basis, quantum physics and quantum chemistry have been returned to the classical way of development. The first steps are made on this way, which have led to discovery of the structure of the photon, the electron, and the principle of the formation of the atomic nuclei, the atoms, the molecules and clusters. As a result, a new interpretation of many physical and chemical phenomena has appeared, and the conditions for cognition of the universe depths under the control of the space-matter-time axiom, the main axiom of natural science, have been formed.

An application of the new theoretical results to the solution of the practical energy tasks has been shown on the basis of the pulse and plasma influences on the ions and cluster of water. Due to these influences, the energy expenses on production of hydrogen and thermal energy from water are considerably reduced as compared with the existing methods of their production. Besides, a transmutation of the atomic nuclei of the alkali metals and the cathode metal takes place during the plasma electrolytic process. This process claims to a leading role in the study of the atomic nuclei of chemical elements.

The book contains more than 900 questions on behavior of inhabitants of a microcosm and answers to them.

The book is intended for physicists, chemistry and other scientists and specialists which are seeking new way for understanding of micro world and new sources of energy.