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F.M. Chalkalis – the talented inventor PDF Печать E-mail
Автор: Канарёв Ф.М.   
25.04.2011 16:28

The announcement. F.M. Chalkalis as he writes, has invented the multiplier of energy which transforms electric energy in mechanical with an indicator of power efficiency as he considers, in tens times more units. http://chalkalis.blogspot.com/

 Viewing impresses his Video with the evident results, but calculation of these results is, of course, erroneous. The author and his advisers did not manage to calculate correctly size of the electric energy spent for rotation of a pendulum, size of mechanical energy which generates a pendulum at rotation. Their fault in it is not present, as new laws mechanodynamics and new laws of electrodynamics yet do not send in addition to them. Therefore we will help them, using initial data of the author of experiment.


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