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Автор: Канарёв Ф.М.   
11.09.2011 05:19

The announcement. In sports camp "Krinitsa" of the Kuban state Agrarian university located on the bank of Black sea, with 5-th till 9-th September 18-th Russian Conference on the Cold Transmutation of Nucleus has taken place. Participants of conference have heard to 24 reports, including our report «Beginning of Pulse power». Our report, answers to questions and discussion lasted 2 hours. The author of the report did not manage to convince participants that electrons on wires move from plus to a minus, and of an electron beam tube - from the cathode to the screen. (fig. 3). It has appeared the left part of drawing insufficiently for end of discussions on this question. We add to it (See fig. 3) on the right part an electron beam tube and visually we show absence of contradictions between movement of electrons in wires from plus to a minus and radiation by their cathode of an electron beam tube. Full video report record prepares for placing on our site http://www.micro-world.su/.


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